Food can heal or harm you. Learn how to eat to heal and restore normal health for the rest of your life

Using scientific testing you can take all the guesswork out of what to eat to heal your body naturally. 

Once you order your blood test, a phlebotomist will call you to set up an appointment for your blood draw. Afterwards you ship out the test kit in a prepaid FedEx box. Then 14-20 days later, we get the results. You can either use the list of foods yourself or we can create recipes for you based on your results for a fee. It's that simple. 

How Is This Test Different From Your Typical Food Allergy Test?

Your typical test for food allergies measure if your body produces a specific antibody to attack the food. 

This test is measuring a completely different chemical process. It measure which foods (doesn't matter if you are allergic or not allergic to it) makes your body produce inflammation in ALL OF YOUR CELLS when you eat it. 

It doesn't matter if the food is healthy, unhealthy, organic, or Paleo, this test will identify the specific foods (over 200 choices) that are causing inflammation in your body. 


Why Measure For Foods That Cause Chronic Inflammation?

Systemic inflammation is believed to be the root cause of 80% of all diseases.  When you cells are inflammed, it's ability to operate normally is blocked.  So eating foods that cause inflammation leads to much higher risk for cancer, heart disease, dementia, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. 

Our cells are constantly stressed and needs repair. If inflammed, it's ability to repair and fight diseases is decreased. You heal much slower and your energy and ability to remember and think clearly is impaired. 


Most people don't realize the anxiety, depression, and sleep difficulty can come from the chronic inflammation in the brain. 

Test for over 200 different foods to identify which cause severe, moderate, light or no inflammation. This gives you the power to control your health. 

Never be confused or be led down the wrong path again. Take the confusion of which popular diets are actually helpful unique to your blood chemistry. 

Looking to improve your health? Break through plateaus and continue your progress by taking out one of the biggest obstacles (inflammation). 

Do You Eat About The Same Foods Each Week?

No matter if you are eating unhealthy foods or healthy foods, we all typically eat about the foods week to week. Eating the sames foods is one of the main reasons why even our healthy foods can cause inflammation.


Yes, even kale, avacado, ginger, lemons, and broccoli can be uniquely harmful for you...

By knowing which foods cause inflammation in your body, you can make better choices and eliminate disease causing foods.

  • Reduce morning achiness by getting the inflammation down in your cells using the results from this test.

  • Reduce the under the eye puffiness by not eating the foods that are causing inflammation in your body and face right now

  • Avoid that afternoon energy crash from not having the inflammation causing havoc on your metabolism and ability to use food for energy. 

  • Slow down the effects of aging by allowing your cells to be fully optimized. Inflammation blocks their ability to do their best work. If your cells can't do their best work, neither can you. 

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